CB Surge: Quickly Evaluate ClickBank Products

CB Surge is an absolutely FREE download that eases the hunt for those treasured Clickbank® Marketplace products.

It does this by highlighting those products that have high profitability potential and little competition, quickly allowing you to make a decision rather than digging into the details before being able to choose a reasonable product from the Clickbank Marketplace.

I use CBsurge, obviously, and it has shown me enough to drop some of the products that I had been promoting, previously wondering why sales were not happening. I also compared the CBsurge results against what I get from CBengine® and from within marketplace and although there are the expected differences, I like how quickly CB Surge determines the potential of a product. I compared 10 products that I was promting and found that, overall, I could trust the CB Surge results based upon the “go” or “no go” highlighting. Oddly, CBsurge does not give itself “a green light” despite decent gravity. I think their recent downward trend explains that. However, the difficulty rating is not that far off the “green light” rating, and it’s ease of use is what makes this tool so great.

It optionally shows you graphical Clickbank product trends, with similar features found in popular PAID products online. But here, Brad explains it all in a short video… Learn and Earn with it… it’s yours at NO cost! It has rankings for “Top Gravity”, “Top Movers”, and “Top Shakers” too.

It’s an easy plugin to install within the Firefox web browser and it activates as soon as Clickbank Marketplace is visited the first time after installing. Please note that the Firefox broswer is required. If you don’t have it, you can download it ~gratis~ also.

The simplicity is there, but you too will need to gain trust in it first. To do that, compare some products within marketplace and make a decision what you would do, promote or bypass. Then, note the quick CB Surge recommendation, but drill deeper using their tools and trends to confirm the recommendation. You’ll quickly get the feel for it.

Once you do, you will want to upgrade to take advantage of their affiliate program…

You Can Quickly Evaluate ClickBank Products with CB Surge!

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