Gregg Habstritt | Ordinary People | Marathon Event

Greg Habstritt is known for being a bit of a loose cannon…

So, what happens tomorrow and the following day should make for some good entertainment. Let’s call it the Gregg Habstritt – Ordinary People – Marathon Event.

But whatever we call this set of webcasts should include the word “awesome”…

Greg’s team thinks he is taking a huge risk doing an event such as this, but he’s still taking his message direct to you in a 2-day, 5-hours/day, marathon event…

That’s a total of 10 solid hours of training, interviews, Q & A… all live, no safety net, no backup…

Live and raw.

You have to know your stuff to even begin to pull it off but, Greg is… the trusted authority and he believes it is YOUR turn.

Tune into his show on Thursday and Friday October 27 and 28th, 2011 starting at 11am PST / 2pm EST

Habstritt is going LIVE on his internet TV show, and bringing some amazing people for you to learn from:
- Mike Koenigs, creator of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, and online video marketing authority
- Amish Shah, creator of The Magic Bullet System, and Trusted Authority in mobile and app marketing
- Dr. Robert Cialdini, THE Trusted Authority in the world of ethical influence and persuasion
- John Assaraf, star of “The Secret”, New York Times Best Seller, Trusted Authority on performance and success
- Dean Graziosi, New York Times best-seller, TV personality, Trusted Authority on creating wealth through real estate
- Chris Attwood, co-author of New York Times Bestseller “The Passion Test” and Trusted Authority on discovering your passions
as well as several other surprise guests!

Featured will be several “all star” students who have already transformed their businesses using the program from the spring launch — ordinary people who have exploded their businesses by applying the Trusted Authority Formula concepts.

Ordinary people with extraordinary results… is proof the Trusted Authority Formula really works.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll leave with plenty of concepts to apply to your online or offline business learned during these awesome webcasts, and he’s got a whole bunch of surprises in store too.

And, he mentioned he’s going to reveal the details of how you can win a trip to Africa – the same trip the top affiliate promoters of the Trusted Authority Formula will be attending perhaps…?

Check it out so I can join you in the chatroom Thursday and Friday for 10 Hours of Live, Uncensored Genius!

No opt-in or registration required!

TAF Marathon Webcasts

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